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Our Mission

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit that supports all military significant others  which includes girlfriends, boyfriends, fiance's AND spouses. When you fall in love with a military member, we fall in love with you. 

          HAVE A WISH?

What would be a dream come true? Use your imagination! Our team will do our very best to get a once in a lifetime opportunity greanted for you!  



Our Volunteer Hearts group  gives back all of the time! We not only need volunteers for our own events at UMSO but also for events outside our community. Sign up to help us pay it forward.

Current Chapters

SO's at The Emmy's!
LA Galaxy
Love Baskets
The Price is Right
The White House Tour
Ball Gown Drive
Free Hugs
Team Building Events
The Commandant's Home
Meet Elsa!
The BlackHawks
CBS Studios
Homeless Baskets
Friendships made here
Honor Flights

"My husband said and I quote "I was seriously starting to get so over the Marine Corps and nothing good ever happening, and then this happened."

Ania (Camp Pendleton Member)

"Thank you so much for granting our wish and setting us up with a private party with some of the cast with General Hospital! We have tried for years to even get a tour. Thank you for what you do for our community UMSO!

Gerrianne (Camp Pendleton member) 

"I loved the private Commadants house tour and participating in the national Free Hugs day!"

Elizabeth (Washington D.C. member) 

"I've had so many amazing experiences with this organization that I would never have like a private champagne tour of the Commandant's home with Mrs. Amos or the White House."

Brandi (Wasington D.C. Member)

Getting a Skype date from Elsa on my daughter's birthday was incredible! She screamed when she got the follow up birthday packet from the "Frozen Castle." She would come home everyday from school telling her friend she knew her! 

Sharon (Maryland Member)

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