Kristin S -  as a Navy spouse I understand the up hill battles that deployments and new places can have. I love to make the best of this life and I wouldn't have it any other way. I love working with UMSO to help them grow and I also volunteer whever I get the chance with them. 

Renee K -  I am in the medical profession and as a Marine Corps spouse I provide not only direction in alternative options to assist military families outside of Tri-Care but I am active within the community to assist with team building for UMSO. 

Kristen D- I am a wife of a mustang. Which means my husband was not only enlisted but is now an officer. I work with families to help them transition in all stages and have for over a decade. Being a mom and a Marine wife, I bring a lot to the table with my long term experience in both roles. 

D'Antrese - Photography, D’Antrese is a Navy wife who is also a vlogger and blogger. She's a cohost for the bi-weekly podcast Mocha Milspouse, the definitive voice for Milspouses of color. She works with her grandfather’s foundation, “The Faces of Our Children,” is a graduate of Texas Southern University, and is the first military spouse in history to win the title Ms. Black Texas in 2012. She lives in Maryland with her husband, David, and their four children. She loves ratchet reality tv and creole food. And is one of the most extroverted- introverts you will ever meet.

Erin W - Founder of Many Kind Regards and a Veteran spouse she brings so much light and knowledge for our SO's through every aspect of military life.  In addition to that, she brings a fresh way of thinking to all of society on social aspects.