Director of Operations 


The right arm to our founder, Trina runs day to day operations for all of UMSO all over the world. She supports our Chapter Directors for programs and events to ensure our members have the best experiences they can. 



Co- Director of       Operations 


Ania is our boots on the ground ambassador who teams with Trina for our members. Whether our members need a hand delivered Love Basket or a facilitator for our ball gowns, our operations directors spear head it all. 


Volunteer Director


The first friend our founder made in the military spouse world and they have been sisters ever since. She is not only a Director but an incredible volunteer. While she has transitioned over to the civilian side, she remains very active with UMSO. 


Chapter Director


The woman to know in in NY but alos in the military community! She gives her heart full time outside of her full time life. Connie does an amazing job of supporting our troops overseas and helps us here at home. 




Chapter Director​


Danielle is knowledgeable on PTSD in our SC chapter and many other areas of mental health issues. She is not onlya a military spouse but our go to when we have a crisis with a member that needs guidance.  



Chapter Director​


Rachel is our HI creative advocate that helps us with how to bridge gaps in being in the United States but not stateside. Her input is instrumental is filling gaps for military families that are land locked. 



Chapter Director​


Meaghan launched our first international chapter in Japan! We are currently working on how we can make things as a stationed spouse more fun. We are working to create partnerships even with the language barrier.